Private Lessons


We offer our students private, one-on-one lessons in voice, piano, guitar, bass and strings. Instruction with an outstanding, professional teacher is the hallmark of all of our programs. Our faculty members are all respected, experienced, degreed music educators and performing artists. We want our students to thrive, so each lesson is tailored to the objectives of the individual student.

Our students gain performance experience through semi-annual recitals as well as master classes, summer cabarets and, unique to SNJ Studio of Music, our annual solo competition. We also offer further performing opportunities through our Musical Theater & Acting program and our award winning Vocal Performing Ensembles.

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Like all private lessons at SNJ Studio of Music, voice lessons are tailored to the specific requirements, objectives, and pace of the individual student.  Whether you want to land a part in the school musical or aspire to a professional career, you will improve and see results as you apply the proven techniques taught by our expert voice teachers.

Prelude – Voice Lessons For Young Singers (Grades 2-5)

A child’s voice is different than a teen or adult. Because the larynx and lung capacity are smaller, and they have not yet developed the muscular strength and control of a teen or adult, young voices require special care to prevent straining and possible damage. However, with the guidance of a trained voice teacher who has knowledge of the young voice, children will readily learn the techniques they need to enjoy healthy singing for a lifetime.

Prelude is a carefully designed curriculum of private, one-on-one lessons for young singers focusing on:

  • Posture and breathing to develop a free, natural vocal production
  • Recitals in front of a live audience
  • Notation and rhythmic reading
  • Memorization techniques
  • Performance and interpretation skills
  • Age-appropriate repertoire

Voice Lessons for Teens and Adults (Grade 6-Adult)

Your teacher will guide you through exercises designed to establish proper breathing technique and support, increase range and stamina, and address pitch and tension issues. You will also explore stage presence and interpretation, languages, repertoire and gain confidence through live performances. Our instructors understand the differences in aesthetics between various styles of singing and can help you to choose and perform a variety of music that suits your unique voice.

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Like all private lessons at SNJ Studio of Music, piano lessons are tailored to the specific requirements, objectives, and pace of the individual student. We happily welcome students of all proficiency and experience levels. From the young beginner to the adult student who is exploring piano for the first time, to the budding composer who wants to develop keyboard skills, to the advanced classical pianist, we meet you where you are. Whatever your goals you can expect to develop sight-reading skills, gain music theory knowledge, improve and perfect your technique, increase endurance and strength and expand your repertoire.  Piano lessons also offer the added advantage of sharpening memory and improving concentration!

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Like all private lessons at SNJ Studio of Music, guitar and bass lessons are tailored to the specific requirements, objectives, and pace of the individual student. Beginner, intermediate or advanced; acoustic or electric; classical, jazz, blues or rock – we meet you where you are and help you grow from there!

Starting from the ground up you will learn how to:

  • Hold, tune and perform basic maintenance on your guitar 
  • Develop strumming patterns and picking techniques
  • Play in time as part of a larger ensemble
  • Play chord progressions for every style and genre
  • Read music and understand theory
  • Play scales and improvise
  • Expand your repertoire
  • Gain confidence as a musician and performer

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Like all private lessons at SNJ Studio of Music, violin, viola, cello, and string bass lessons are tailored to the specific requirements, objectives, and pace of the individual student. We offer a comprehensive string curriculum individualized to each student’s needs while incorporating core principles. Our faculty utilizes elements of different teaching methods to help our students explore classical music, popular songs, and even improvisation. Beginning students start with the fundamentals – learning parts of the instrument, proper finger placement and bow hold, rhythm, reading music and learning simple songs. As they advance, students progress to gradually more challenging exercises as they master advanced bowing technique, correct intonation, position shifting, vibrato, and phrasing while learning more significant repertoire.

SNJ Studio of Music strings students gain valuable performance experience through semi-annual recitals and our annual solo competition. Members of our strings faculty are all orchestra teachers in the Omaha area schools and are also active performers.

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Private lessons are offered year-round. Payment is structured in 12-lesson quarters (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) billed in 3 installments of 4 lessons a month. New students are accepted at any time and the monthly payment is prorated accordingly.

Lessons are paid in advance via automatic withdrawal on the 25th of each month.

Voice: $115 per month
Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass): $115 per month
Guitar: $107 per month
Piano: $107 per month
Audition Prep: $35 per lesson
Audition Prep lessons are offered for students who need just a few lessons to prepare a piece for an upcoming audition. Great for college, theater and show choir auditions.

SNJ Referral Program
Refer a friend to earn FREE lessons! For every friend you refer that enrolls in private lessons, you will receive $25 off your next month’s tuition! No limits!

*Referral credits do not apply to immediate family members as a discounted family rate is already provided.

We believe that the recital process is important for several reasons:

  1. First, it gives our students a goal to work toward and a time frame in which to accomplish the goal.
  2. Second, the ability to stand in front of a room full of people with poise and confidence is a valuable life skill that will serve our students in many different arenas long after they leave SNJ Studio.
  3. Third, it is a great assessment tool.

And best of all, you get to see your child perform and we all get to applaud their work!

Twice per year (fall and spring) we replace one regular lesson with a recital. We have far too many private students to offer one large studio recital. Instead, we have a series of mini-recitals which last an hour or less. All recitals take place at the studio in our Rehearsal Hall and family and friends are encouraged to join us!

Since April of 2010 The SNJ Studio of Music Solo Competition has offered a unique opportunity for our students to test their skill against a standard of excellence and receive feedback from a panel of expert judges. It’s also a fun, music-filled day of great performances, medals and trophies! The competition is open to all currently enrolled SNJ students of voice, piano, guitar, bass and strings. Contestants are divided into age categories so students of all levels can participate. They are judged against a standard of excellence for their age category and have the opportunity to win a gold, silver or bronze medal. Additionally, scores are tallied and the contestant with the highest score in each category will be awarded a trophy. The trophy winners of the senior divisions are invited to perform as featured artists at the SNJ Studio Spring Concert. The competition is open to friends and family so you can cheer your student on!

Audition Prep

Upcoming audition? Our team of seasoned music educators, performing artists, and choreographers is standing by to make sure you are confident and prepared. School Musicals, Show Choir, College Entrance Auditions, Bands, All-State Chorus, District Music Competition, Community and Professional Theater, Choral Groups – We have you covered with private coaching and workshops.