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Kelly Whisinnand

Director - Center Stage
Director - Musical Theatre Kids Troupe

Director, Musical Theatre Kids Troupe
M.M.E., University of Nebraska at Omaha
B.M.E., University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Kelly Whisinnand is an esteemed music educator and accomplished musician. With a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of NE at Lincoln and a Master of Music Education degree from the University of NE at Omaha, Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her teaching.

Currently teaching at Reeder Elementary School, Kelly excels in nurturing young talents. She takes pride in preparing each grade level for their own unforgettable musical productions, ensuring that every student gets a chance to shine. In addition, Kelly directs the 4th and 5th grade choir, fostering a love for choral music among her students. At Reeder, she also runs the popular Harry Potter Club, captivating young minds with the enchanting world of music.

Kelly's exceptional leadership has earned recognition for her elementary school choir and groups, who have been invited to perform at esteemed state and national conferences, as well as numerous regional events. Her dedication extends beyond elementary education, as she directs the vibrant 7th and 8th show choir, Encore, and choreographs the delightful 6th grade show choir, Show Pups, at Beadle Middle School. Moreover, she has had the privilege of directing several show choir summer camps in Omaha, igniting the passion for performance in aspiring young singers. Presently, Kelly serves as the director of the Beadle Summer Choir Camp for Millard Public Schools, an experience that promises unforgettable musical growth.

Throughout her career, Kelly has made significant contributions to the music community in Omaha. For seven years, she directed a renowned children's choir in the city, leaving a lasting impact on young voices. Furthermore, she dedicated three years to collaborating with the Rose Theater and directing productions for the Omaha Public Schools Native American students, showcasing the power of music as a unifying force. Kelly's expertise as a clinician has been sought after, having been invited twice to serve as a clinician for Sing Around Nebraska, sharing her knowledge and inspiring fellow music educators.

As an active member of the American Orff Schulwerk Association, a prestigious National Music Organization, Kelly remains at the forefront of music education. Her commitment to this organization led her to serve on the National Board of Trustees, contributing to the growth and development of music programs nationwide. Notably, Kelly is an Orff Certified Teacher Educator for Recorder and Movement, possessing specialized skills in these areas. She frequently serves as a clinician for workshops, courses, and conferences, sharing her expertise and empowering fellow educators.

With her passion, qualifications, and diverse experiences, Kelly Whisinnand is an invaluable asset SNJ Studio faculty. Her dedication to nurturing musical talent and inspiring young musicians makes her an exceptional teacher and mentor.

Kelly Whisinnand
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