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Melissa Schuerman


B.M. University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
M.M. University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Melissa graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and furthered her studies there, earning a Master's degree in Music in 2023.

Since 2019, Melissa has been a dedicated member of the Omaha Public Schools community, teaching orchestra to students in the 6th through 8th grades. In her role, she focuses on fostering a supportive and engaging environment for her students to explore their musical talents.

Beyond the classroom, Melissa is a talented harpist, performing at various weddings and local events. She brings the joy of music to these occasions, creating memorable experiences for attendees. Additionally, she offers private harp lessons, working primarily with beginning and intermediate students. In her instruction, she emphasizes that learning an instrument is an accessible and rewarding journey for everyone.

Melissa's career, spanning education and performance, reflects her commitment to sharing the joy and benefits of music with her community.

Melissa Schuerman
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