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Music Class


Grade 4-Adult

Like all private lessons at SNJ Studio of Music, brass & woodwind lessons are tailored to the specific requirements, objectives, and pace of the individual student. Students will learn basic curriculum concepts for all brass instruments, as well as specifics for individual instruments.

Fundamentals – The cornerstone of great technique

  • Formation and cultivation of the embouchure 

  • Articulation fundamentals, including: tongue placement, air speed, and shape of oral cavity

  • Proper hand position and posture

  • Transposition basics and how to read notes for your instrument

  • Development of musicality

  • Style and interpretation in solo and ensemble literature

Brass Specifics

  • Long tone exercises to develop pitch awareness

  • Flexibility exercises, such as lip slurs, to build muscle and develop concepts of air

  • Speed and volume of air used at different pitches

  • Ear training to help with awareness of partials, including mouthpiece buzzing

Woodwind Specifics

  • Reed, ligature, and mouthpiece information, including reed strengths and placement of reeds on mouthpiece

  • Placement of the mouthpiece inside the oral cavity (or in the case of flutes, placement on the lower lip)

  • Finger technique, including alternate fingerings and technique exercises.

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