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SNJ Studio offers 47 weeks of instruction per year, billed in equal monthly installments. 

Voice, Strings, Piano, Guitar/Electric Bass, Brass, Woodwinds, Acting

  • 60 Minute Lessons - $290 monthly

  • 30 Minute Lessons - $145 monthly

Registration Fee

A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $35 is assessed at the time of enrollment.

Tuition Payment

All private lesson tuition installment payments are automatically processed via your choice of ACH electronic check, or credit/debit card on the first of each month. We do not accept paper checks for private lesson tuition.

Students may start anytime. The registration fee and first tuition installment for the current month will be processed at the time of registration, prorated according to the start date. All future installments will be automatically processed on the first of the month, beginning with the first of the month following the start date. This may result in the first two tuition installments occurring closer together than the norm.

Declined Transactions
In the event that your card is declined, or your ACH withdrawal denied your account will be charged $20 on or after the 15th of the month. To minimize declined transactions, please let us know any time you receive a new card or an updated expiration date. 

Missed Lessons and Make-Up Lessons

Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you. To get the most out of your lessons, we encourage you to make your lesson a priority and schedule other activities, after school jobs, appointments, etc. around your lesson time. 

In the event of a student absence, please notify your teacher as far in advance as possible. Make-up lessons are only offered if the teacher has a cancellation in his/her schedule within 2 weeks of the missed lesson. If a lesson time does not come available in that time, no make-up lesson will be offered.

If a student misses a lesson without notice, no make-up lesson will be offered. After the second consecutive missed lesson without contact, it will be assumed that the student has abandoned lessons and their 30-day notice will commence from the date of the second missed lesson. Tuition will continue to be processed until the end of the 30-day period. 

If a teacher misses a lesson, the student will receive a makeup lesson at a time mutually agreed upon by the teacher and student. A missed lesson on the part of the teacher must be taken as a make-up lesson, not as a refund or reduction in tuition.

Withdrawing from Lessons
Students may withdraw from lessons by providing a written, 30-day notice of withdrawal to  Tuition will be charged until 30 days after written notice of withdrawal is received by the studio office. To avoid any confusion, verbal notice or text messages from students, caregivers, or faculty cannot be accepted. The student has the choice whether to attend lessons during the 30-day notice period. 

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