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Grades 6 – 12

Whether you are just entering the show choir world, or need a refresher, our 2-hour workshop will get you tuned-up and feeling confident for your next show choir audition!

Workshop includes:

  • Vocal Tips for “My Country Tis of Thee” – Breathing, tone, and finding the right key for you.

  • Dance – Learn the most typical show choir dance steps and turns, with tips for practice and polish.

  • Audition Tips – How to deal with those nerves and present yourself like a show choir pro!

Clinican: Joel Johnston

Tuition: $45

Monday, March 13th  5:00-7:00 PM

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Is Your DMC Vocal Solo Contest-Ready?

Our clinicians are here to help!

Our Districts Solo Clinic is a performance masterclass and acting workshop geared for high school students preparing vocal solos for District Music Contest and other auditions. This workshop will focus on stage presence, acting, interpretation, and expression.  Our experienced clinicians will provide valuable feedback and give you the tools and techniques you need to deliver a polished and confident performance.

Don't miss out on this unique chance to take your singing to the next level and impress the judges at your audition.

Friday, March 31st  4:00-8:00 PM

Tuition: $99

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