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Private Lessons Tailored to You

We offer our students private, one-on-one lessons in voice, piano, guitar, bass, strings, woodwinds, brass, and acting. Instruction with an outstanding, professional teacher is the hallmark of all our programs. Our faculty members are all respected, experienced, degreed music educators and performing artists. We want our students to thrive, so each lesson is tailored to the objectives of the individual student.

Our students gain performance experience through semi-annual recitals as well as master classes, summer cabarets and, unique to SNJ Studio of Music, our annual solo competition. We also offer further performing opportunities through our Musical Theater & Acting program and our award winning Choirs and Bands.

Grade 4 - Adult.

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Whether you want to land a part in the school musical or aspire to a professional career, you will improve and see results as you apply the proven techniques taught by our expert voice teachers

Kindergarten - Adult.


 From the young, beginner, to the adult student who is exploring piano for the first time, to the budding composer who wants to develop keyboard skills, as well as the advanced classical pianist - we meet you where you are. 

Grade 2 - Adult.

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Beginner, intermediate or advanced; acoustic or electric; classical, jazz, blues or rock – we meet you where you are and help you grow from there!

Grade 2 - Adult.

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Like all private lessons at SNJ Studio of Music, violin, viola, cello, and string bass lessons are tailored to the specific requirements, objectives, and pace of the individual student.

Grade 4 - Adult.

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We welcome the first-time actor as well as professionals looking to hone their craft.  

We also offer short-term packages to refine your monologue!

Grade 4 - Adult.

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Like all private lessons at SNJ Studio of Music, brass and Woodwind lessons are tailored to the specific individual student. 

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