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Like all private lessons at SNJ Studio of Music, voice lessons are tailored to the specific requirements, objectives, and pace of the individual student.  Whether you want to land a part in the school musical or aspire to a professional career, you will improve and see results as you apply the proven techniques taught by our expert voice teachers.

Prelude – Voice Lessons for Young Singers (Grades 4-5)

A child’s voice is different than a teen or adult. Because the larynx and lung capacity are smaller, and they have not yet developed the muscular strength and control of a teen or adult, young voices require special care to prevent straining and possible damage. However, with the guidance of a trained voice teacher who has knowledge of the young voice, children will readily learn the techniques they need to enjoy healthy singing for a lifetime.

Prelude is a carefully designed curriculum of private, one-on-one lessons for young singers focusing on:

  • Posture and breathing to develop a free, natural vocal production

  • Recitals in front of a live audience

  • Notation and rhythmic reading

  • Memorization techniques

  • Performance and interpretation skills

  • Age-appropriate repertoire

Voice Lessons for Teens and Adults (Grade 6-Adult)

Your teacher will guide you through exercises designed to establish proper breathing technique and support, increase range and stamina, and address pitch and tension issues. You will also explore stage presence and interpretation, languages, repertoire and gain confidence through live performances. Our instructors understand the differences in aesthetics and technique between various styles of singing and can help you to choose and perform a variety of music that suits your unique voice.

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