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Andres Silva


B.M., University of Nebraska at Omaha

B.M., University of Nebraska at OmahaAndrés Silva was born in Colombia where he began his early musical training. In 2001, Mr. Silva moved to Omaha and received a scholarship to study music at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and received a bachelor’s degree in piano performance.   Mr. Silva studied piano with internationally recognized pianist Dr. James Johnson whose teachers Ozan and Patricia Benkman were students of Rachmaninoff himself.

Andrés Silva has been teaching piano for more than 10 years and his students carry his musical lineage that manifests itself as they perform throughout studio recitals and competitions with expression and refined technique.

Mr. Silva has performed at the Annual Celebration of Keyboard Arts and the International Festival where he received great compliments for his expression and interpretation; both of these events held at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Also a composer, Mr. Silva has written several pieces for piano and small ensembles.  In 2003, Mr. Silva received first place in the NOCOMTA composition competition.

Mr. Silva currently works at Beveridge Magnet School where he created a unique performing arts group called the Dual Language showcase; a group designed to Showcase the music of the Latin American culture trough music and dance.  Mrs. Silva and his wife have also served as music coordinators for Harvest Community Church in the past.

Andres Silva
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