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Emily Boganowski

Blackbird Rock Co. Director & Voice

B.M., Vocal Performance and Music Entrepreneurship, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Finding inspiration in everything from opera to jazz, Emily Boganowski holds deep appreciation for the human voice and its ability to perform incredible feats. She firmly believes that the opportunities to flourish within one’s vocal capabilities are endless. At a young age, she discovered her love of making music through guitar. Intrigued by pitch, she began singing in choirs and musicals, realizing that her true passion started with her voice.

Through imagery and physical motion, she brings a unique approach to correcting body tension and vocal strain. Emily focuses on rhythm, theoretical elements, and notational values but also characterization, lyrical interpretation, and theme. Her most important goals for each student are building confidence, breath support, widening range, and teaching music theory and artistic liberty.

Able to think creatively, Emily focuses on using the student’s best strengths to push the capacity for them to grow. Although she has received over seven years of vocal training, Emily believes that she herself is a student to the vast world of music and enjoys being challenged with new languages, new genres, and new techniques.

Emily has performed in several classical and show choirs, including the featured choir for the 2015 symphony presentation of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2. She graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor of Music degree in both vocal performance and music entrepreneurship. She has collaborated with local and international artists.

Emily was the selected UNO Jazz Band vocal soloist of 2016 for an international trip to Lithuania and Latvia and the selected vocal soloist for the 2017 UNO Commencement. Emily has performed at several venues in the United States including the Holland Center for Performing Arts, the Iron Post, The Waiting Room, Beatrice City Festival,  Jazz on the Green, Jambo Cat, Outrspaces, Baxter Arena, The Ozone Lounge, Jitterbugs, Vesper Concerts, and The Glenn Miller Festival

Emily Boganowski
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