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Mary Kean

Piano, Flute, Ukulele

B.A. University of Nebraska at Omaha., Music Education

Mary Kean is an accomplished pianist and dedicated music educator, whose journey in music began at the tender age of five with piano lessons. This early immersion in piano sparked a lifelong passion for music and teaching, leading her to establish her first private piano studio in Missouri Valley, Iowa. Understanding the importance of music education in rural areas, she expanded her influence beyond her hometown, positively impacting numerous communities within Harrison County with her expertise.

Holding a degree in music education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Mary also excels in playing the flute. Her university tenure was marked by performances with the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Heartland Flute Choir, Maverick Machine, and Maverick Marching Band, as well as co-founding the Baroque Ensemble Euterpe Apotheosis. Her flute talents were showcased at notable events like the Chicago Flute Festival in 2019 and the National Flute Association Convention in 2022.

After relocating to Omaha in 2021, Mary continued to share her passion for music through teaching. While piano remains her primary focus, she also offers instruction in flute and ukulele, catering to a diverse range of musical interests. Her enthusiasm for teaching and ability to inspire students in multiple disciplines make her a valuable asset to the SNJ Studio of Music. Mary is eager to contribute her vast experience and love for music to help students cultivate their own musical journeys.

Mary Kean
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